How to Use The Daily Page

The Daily Page is an innovative design that aligns work and wellness in one place, naturally increasing your energy, focus, and productivity. The goal is to help you optimize each day, so you have ...
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How to Use The Forever Calendar

The Forever Calendar is an innovative wall-calendar design that can be used year after year! Setting it up is easy, and the steps below will walk you through the process. A few tips before we get s...
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How to Use The Digital Planner

Digital planning is a whole new world, and I’m excited to walk you through the basics!  You can use The Digital Daily Page Planner on any app that allows you to import a PDF file, however, Goodnote...
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Which Version is Right For You?

The Daily Page is currently available in four different formats. Deciding which one is the right fit for you will depend on a couple of things! Let's take a closer look at each option. The 6-Month ...
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Creating A Daily Page Habit

The Daily Page is a science-backed design that helps you prioritize six fundamental aspects of wellness alongside your work to help you increase your energy, improve your focus, and amplify your im...
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