Which Version is Right For You?

Which Version is Right For You?

The Daily Page is currently available in four different formats. Deciding which one is the right fit for you will depend on a couple of things! Let's take a closer look at each option.

The 6-Month Planner

This is the best starting place for most folks! This spiral-bound version has enough copies of The Daily Page to last you 6-months, and has calendar and monthly planning pages at the beginning of the book.

It contains 6 calendar spreads at the beginning of the book along with The Monthly Page --- which will help you set goals and track habits for the month ahead. It then has 183 copies of The Daily Page (enough for 6 months!). The Daily Page is a holistic planning page that helps align your work alongside six vital aspects of wellness: hydration, nutrition, movement, community, sleep, and mental health.

It's all bound together is this beautiful, spiral-bound planner featuring a raw chipboard cover, and debossed logo. Each page is printed on FSC-certified, high-quality 120 GSI paper and we plant a tree for each planner purchased.

The 3-Month Planner & Journal

This version has the same calendars, monthly planning pages, and daily pages as the 6-month version. The only difference is that this one also has a lined sheet for each day to provide you with space for journaling or extra notes. It includes enough calendars and pages for 3-months of planning.

The Daily Page Notepad

The notepad contains 50 pages that are padded at the top. It will last you about 6-8 weeks depending on whether or not you use it on the weekends. It's simple, lightweight, and easy to access.

It's great sitting on your desk or placed inside of a padfolio and is a wonderful and economical way to start using The Daily Page and make it a habit.

The Digital Daily Page Planner

To use The Digital Daily Page Planner you need:

1. An iPad or similar tablet.
2. An Apple Pencil or similar stylus
3. A digital planning app, such as Goodnotes.

The cool part about this version of The Daily Page is that the planner is interactive, so it makes navigating and using the planner really easy (and fun!). The planner will always be dated for 12 months from the month of purchase. The Digital Daily Page Planner features calendars for each month, The Monthly Page for each month, dated Daily Pages for each day, as well as dated journaling pages for each day!

All pages are interactive so you can easily tap days in the calendar to jump to The Daily Page for the date, use the monthly navigation at the top of each page to jump around, or swipe left or right to navigate through the pages. This video tutorial does a great job of showing you the planner in action.

The Daily Page Instant Download

Want to start using The Daily Page right away or not pay for shipping? You can purchase this instant download and print it out at home! This purchase will give you options with the design centered, or with a left or right margin if you'd like to add a 3-hole punch.

This file is not interactive and is only The Daily Page design, but can also be opened on a computer or tablet and used within digital planning apps.

The Daily Page Minimalist 6-Month Planner

This version features a more minimalist version of The Daily Page that does not have space for gratitude and doesn't track mood, energy, sleep or stress.

What We Recommend

If you're new to The Daily Page we recommend starting with The Daily Page 6-Month Planner or a Notepad. This gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with the page and make it part of your daily routine. Once you've established the habit, consider switching to the 3-Month Planner & Journal and adding a daily journal practice to your routine.

No matter which version you choose, the benefits are the same and you'll be well on your way to having more energy, focus, and impact! Visit this post to learn more about How to Use The Daily Page.

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