How to Use The Digital Planner

Digital planning is a whole new world, and I’m excited to walk you through the basics! 

You can use The Digital Daily Page Planner on any app that allows you to import a PDF file, however, Goodnotes has the best user experience and is the app I personally choose to use, so the tutorials below are specific to Goodnotes.

To get started with digital planning you need to invest in a few products:

  1. IPAD or Similar Tablet – You can use any model or type of tablet with your digital planner, but preferably it is compatible with the Apple Pencil or a similar stylus, because that will offer the best experience when writing on the planner.
  2. APPLE PENCIL – The Apple Pencil is a stylus that you can use with the iPad to write directly on the screen. It’s extremely responsive and the battery is great.
  3. GOODNOTES 5 APP – I’ve tried tons of apps for digital planning and notetaking and nothing has really come close to being as great as Goodnotes!
  4. THE DIGITAL DAILY PAGE PLANNER – Once you’ve got your iPad with Goodnotes 5 installed you are ready to set up a digital planner. My planner takes my best selling design, The Daily Page, and combines it in an interactive format. 

Once you have the necessary equipment and have your app installed you are ready to start planning. I've created a few video tutorial below to show you how to get started with The Digital Daily Page Planner step-by-step!

How to Navigate The Daily Page Digital Planner

How to Import a Digital Planner into Goodnotes

How to Get Started with The Daily Page Digital Planner

How to Improve Your Handwriting in Goodnotes

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