Creating A Daily Page Habit

Creating A Daily Page Habit

The Daily Page is a science-backed design that helps you align your work and wellness in one place. There are six fundamental areas of wellness that we need to prioritize to be our best selves: nutrition, hydration, sleep, movement, mindfulness, and community.

Making time for those 6 things is shown to reduce stress hormones, reduce inflammation, enhance neuroplasticity, and even delay cellular aging.

Or to say it more simply: when you organize your day in a way that also prioritizes your basic health and wellbeing, you will naturally increase your energy, feel more focused, be more inspired and creative, and get more done.

We believe this is the how we create a population of people who are inspired, empathetic, and ready to build a better world.

The Daily Page provides you with a simple framework to keep those 6 aspects of wellness front and center each day by organizing them alongside the tasks and chores you need to complete.

Write Things Down

Writing things down on paper provides our brain with valuable sensory feedback that helps us internalize the information. This process makes us 40% more likely to complete the task.

The Daily Page is designed to complement your favorite digital planning tools and calendars, so don't feel like it needs to replace any services you find helpful for staying organized. But, having too many tabs open and popping in and out of various digital services throughout the day is not only distracting, it sucks up your energy by constantly causing your brain to reset. The Daily Page allows you to keep your focus in one place so that you can conserve your energy.

Try sitting down in the morning and opening up your digital calendar or project management tools. Parse out any relevant information from those digital services onto The Daily Page.

Now you've written it down and given your brain that feedback, and can stay out of your calendar or project management service all day. This helps you stay focused and channel your energy into actually doing the work.

At the end of the day, simply reconcile The Daily Page with your digital tools and  take a few minutes to start filling out tomorrow's page. This will help decrease stress so that you can enjoy your evening, get a better night of sleep, and help you wake up feeling motivated.

Built The Habit

Once you see the difference The Daily Page can make in your health, happiness, and productivity you'll never look back. But, to see that difference you have to establish the habit.

Try stacking the task of filling out and reconciling The Daily Page to established habits you already perform at the beginning and end of each day.

For example, you might commit to filling out The Daily Page each morning for 5 minutes while the coffee is brewing.

And you might plan to always reconcile it during your bus ride home from the office.

Your brain already contains neural pathways to brew coffee and get on the bus after work. So by connecting this new habit to an existing one, you'll help ensure it becomes part of your daily routine.

Reflect And Assess

Humans love to-do lists, and a big part of that is the magic of the checkmark. Popping a checkmark into a checkbox is such a simple act, but it can have a big impact on our brain and productivity.

Checking off even a simple task gives our brain a little hit of the feel-good hormone cocktail known as DOSE (dopamine, oxytocin, seratonin, and endorphins). DOSE is what gives us a feeling of accomplishment and can provide us with an energy boost and bit of motivation to keep going on other tasks.

Looking back and reflecting on our work can also offer us DOSE, sometimes in even bigger quantities. Along with reviewing The Daily Page at the end of each day, try making time each week or month to reflect back on your previous pages. Review the projects you completed or difficult challenges you overcome. Be grateful for the time you made to move your body or enjoy your favorite hobbies. Think about how you want the week or month ahead to be similar or different from what is recorded on these past pages.

This consistent act of reflection and assessment can be a powerful tool for continuing to improve your habits and time management while creating a long-term habit with The Daily Page.


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