The Habit Template

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The Habit Template

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The ultimate tool for developing new habits and making 'em stick.

The Habit Template can be opened in Google Sheets and will help you track up to ten monthly habits for the entire year. Use the checkboxes to observe your monthly and yearly progress.

Navigate to the Tips" tab after you open the file. It has all the info you need for getting your planner set up and customized for your business in just a couple of minutes.

See it in action with this quick video tutorial.

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Customer Reviews

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Julianna Vereecken
You Didn't Know You Needed It

I had used the printout Monthly Habit Tracker for about half a year and loved it. I didn't feel like there was that much more to gain from The Habit Template. However, it wasn't expensive and I thought it'd be fun to see my progress over time, so I bough it.
It is a GAME CHANGER. It is simple to use, very customizable, and I love seeing the little steps add up.
The Habit Template has allowed me to view my month (and semesters) as a whole and plan my habits accordingly. It's been simple to add tabs to track other things like my mileage when I run. I win by showing up for the run and then win by seeing the runs add up and win by seeing the miles add up.
Love this tool.


I am LOVING my habit tracker. The spreadsheet is so beautiful and checking off the boxes is so satisfying. Worth every penny!

Mary Beth
A Wonderful Tool

This is easy to use and so motivating. It's satisfying to see progress toward goals unfold in real time. I love how customizable it is and that I can access and update it across devices whenever I think about it. So simple, yet so effective.

Amanda Jo

It's AWESOME! I'm motivated to do things just to see the emojis change!!! So easy to use!